Maryland MOLST Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment


This order form makes your treatment wishes known to health care professionals. It includes many sections, but the only sections that are completed are the ones that identify the decisions you've made regarding your treatment preferences. 

Every time a physician or nurse practitioner completes a Maryland MOLST order form, you will receive a copy for your records. 

If you do not have a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order on your Maryland MOLST form, medics in Maryland must attempt resuscitation. 

This form does not expire and it goes where you go, to the hospital, rehab, assisted living, and back home. 




Consumer Tools

These consumer training tools were developed by the Maryland MOLST Training Task Force. They may be downloaded and copied for personal use or for training purposes.

Information Sheet - A sheet that explains 10 things that everyone should know about making health care decisions

Maryland MOLST Guide for Patients - A guide about Maryland MOLST for patient



Maryland MOLST Guide for Authorized Decision Makers - A guide about Maryland MOLST for surrogate decision makers, health care agents, and guardians

How Do I Plan for My Health Care? - A guide about planning for your health care

Understanding Your Choices for Medical Treatment - A guide about understanding your options for your medical treatment

Understanding Your Choices for Medical Treatment - A PowerPoint presentation about understanding your options for your medical treatment (Print handouts of slides)

What Is MOLST? - A short PowerPoint presentation for private duty caregivers to explain Maryland MOLST and how to use it (Print handouts of slides)