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These training tools for professionals were developed by the Maryland MOLST Training Task Force. They may be downloaded and copied for personal use or for training purposes.

The Maryland Board of Physicians determines that medical residents and interns may sign MOLST form
(one page)

Physician Assistants May Sign MOLST Form Beginning on Oct 1, 2013
(one page)

Summary of Changes to the MOLST Regulation
A summary of the changes made to the MOLST regulations and the MOLST form since they were first proposed and published in the Maryland Register on September 23, 2011 (two pages)

Information Sheet for Professionals
A sheet with 10 things that health care professionals should know about Maryland MOLST (one page)

HCDA Information Sheet
A brief summary of the key points of Maryland's Health Care Decisions Act (one-page)


Maryland MOLST Guide for Health Care Professionals
A detailed guide about Maryland MOLST for health care professionals
(45 pages)

Maryland MOLST FAQs
Frequently asked questions about the Maryland MOLST order form and related processes including issues related to Maryland's EMS System
(fifteen pages)

Maryland MOLST for the Health Care Practitioner
A PowerPoint presentation about the Maryland MOLST form and instructions for Health Care Practitioners, appropriate for Grand Rounds or annual updates (59 slides)
Print handouts

Health Care Decisions Act (Long Version)
A PowerPoint presentation about Maryland''s Health Care Decisions Act (50 slides)
Print handouts

Health Care Decisions Act (Short Version)
A PowerPoint presentation about Maryland's' Health Care Decisions Act (33 slides)
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Key Health Care Decision Making Processes
A PowerPoint presentation
by Dr. Steven Levenson
(47 slides)
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Overview of Health Care Decision Making Process
Presented by Dr. Steven Levenson

MOLST's Journey in Maryland
A PowerPoint presentation about MOLST's journey through Maryland
(50 slides)
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Emergency Medical Services as it Relates to the MOLST Program
Presented by Dr. Richard Alcorta

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